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studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the united states and no animal or human data supports the safety of marijuana for general medical use, end of quote. as required by the controlled substance act, the d.e.a. required a scientific and medical valuation and scheduling recommendation. and i quote, that marijuana, the stuff we are saying tonight -- anybody -- and you saw the "60-minute" piece, they come in, buy, they take. we are talking about doctors, the number of doctors ripping off people with objectiony continuin. the number of -- oxycotin. and go down to broward county in florida and go into the pain clinics. there are buses and planes coming down to buy it and doctors are writing prescriptions. so we are going to hide behind it? the number of doctors that ruin young people on oxycotin whereby they died, they died, the doctor says it's ok, but health and human services said, quote, marijuana has a high potential for abuse. has no accepted no medical use in the united states and lacks an acceptable level of safety. i think if this amendment passes and this becom
. the discussion about the growing number of independents in the united states. crux of this weekend on "after words," seth jones is interviewed by kimberly kosher saturday night at 10:00 eastern. also your questions and comments for tom brokaw in depth. >> the executive commission on china looks at his story and hears testimony from human rights groups on his legal advocacy work in china and the human abuse in the country. this is about two hours. >> the commission will come to order. good afternoon. the escape of chinese advocate was nothing short of a miraculously -- it has taken the world, not to mention chinese officials by complete surprise. it was a great relief that i and millions around the world learned his escape, reaching safety at the american embassy at the -- in beijing it. having been handed over to chinese officials by american diplomat said today, chen, his wife, and the rest of his family and friends appear to be in significant danger. notwithstanding potentially empty safety assurances from the hasese side, checn expressed desire to gain asylum for himself and his family. q
. it is my distinct pleasure to introduce the next president of united states. let's give a big nevada thank you to our governor and congressman for their leadership. [applause] it's a real privilege to work with them. they are great leaders for our state and listening to the comments of the congressman and a lieutenant governor, nevada is on the move. we can do a lot better. we met with these business onerous, part of the nevada family and as we talked with them, something that struck me that one of them said was that we have had to put our dreams on hold. because we have had to put our dreams on hold, we cannot hire. we cannot put people to work and there is a reason for that. that is what is happening in the white house. we need a leader. we need someone who has actually run a business. [cheers and applause] we need an answer. we need somebody who is not going to regulate us out of business. we need somebody who will not spend on to we fall over a cliff. we need somebody who will not tax us into oblivion. i have had the great privilege to meet governor romney many years ago when we served
in the congress of the united states. i don't know what it will come back looking like. it is delicately balanced instrument. we try to balance projections and build the best possible force we could against the strategy we articulated. it will not comeback exactly as we submit it. it never is. but we are not finished yet with the fy13 budget. sequestration comes potentially on the heels of that. i'm not as old as i am about to sound. i looked it, but i am not as old as i am about to sound. wing walking was sport or carnival stuff, but the first rule of wing walking, walking on the wings of biplanes, was never let go of both hands at the same time, for pretty obvious reasons. when people ask, are you working on sequestration, the answer is no, not yet. it is not done yet. come up short, i will get thrown off the wings. in the spirit of my air force brothers, i am following wing walking. >> oh, my. everybody is going to have to be brief, because there are 100 questions and the wo -- in the room. >> i'm just wondering, we have a lot of people who say that the pakistani isi was well aware of osama bi
% of consumption in the united states, the lion's share of that, 45% of total consumption was in passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. what do we do about that gas guzzling that is going on? the thing we do is to look at how we can change how many miles to the gallon we get. and two, -- and to the president's credit, his administration has put in place these new standards, known to all of us as cafe standards that will double the u.s. efficiency of fleet of automobiles averaging a fleet-wide average of 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025. what does that do once we get there in 2025? that means we as consumers will save $1.7 trillion at the pump over the life of the program. a family that purchases a new vehicle in 2025 will save $8,200 in fuel costs when compared with a similar vehicle in 2010. so the life of the program, the standard will save 12 billion barrels of oil and eliminate 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. the solutions are there for us. the solutions are we move to these cafe standards and address the issues around speculation and we keep the robust doing that is
behind you could be a future president of the united states, or, even, better than that, the mayor of new york city. the guy sitting to your right could be a future nobel laureate. ok, maybe not the guy to your right, but certainly the one to your left. >> memorial day weekend, commencement speeches, sharing their thoughts with graduating classes of 2012, saturday through tuesday at noon and 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> the head of the secret service apologized today for the incident involving agents and prostitutes in colombia, but mark sullivan disputed reports this was more than isolated incident. he testified for more than two hours. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> the hearing will come to order. good morning, and thanks to those who are here, particularly director mark sullivan of the united states secret service, and charles edwards, the acting inspector general of the department of homeland security. >> the secret service has built an extraordinary reputation for selfless and still the devotion to the important and dangerous work its agents do it, protecting t
and concluded after extensive public notice and comment by adopting the guidelines that the united states access board developed in 2004 during the george bush administration. certain members of the hotel industry have claimed that the regulations require all owners to require fixed lifts and this is costly and burdensome and owners who can't afford it will have to shut down their pools or face penalties. these claims are false. as required by congress, the justice department has increased access to newly existing pools, rules that have been under development for almost 15 years. new pools must be built with either a sloped entry into the pool or a pool lift under these new rules. for existing pools, owners will have to do what is readily achievable based on the size and resource of the owner's business. if it is readily achievable which is defined as easily accomplished to be carried out, a business should take the same steps to improve an existing pool. this means that if a fixed lift can be installed easily and inexpensively, it should be. if installing a fixed lift is too expensive or diffic
and/or credible threat of terrorism upon the united states of america? >> we did not believe so. you are referring no doubt -- >> there was an arrest. >> i think it's fair to say that plot had been thwarted at the time. >> let me move quickly to fast and furious. have you ever spoken with attorney general holder or secretary napolitano about the fast and furious case? >> i have to think -- certainly not secretary napolitano. unless you are talking about the killing of brian terry. if that's part of the question, then, yes, because we are conducting that investigation both the concern about how that investigation is going and to get periodic updates. with regard to the wider fast and furious examination, i don't believe i have. >> the attorney -- >> i have talked to the department of justice. i do not recall having particular discussion with the attorney general. >> the attorney general's office has called fast and furious itself, even though they ran it, operated it, quote and quote fundamentally flawed. there are literally close to 2,000 weapons that have been released. other than t
. and on that i just want to say that every dollar the united states spends on old and unnecessary programs is a dollar we lose from new necessary strategic investments. as secretary panetta said, if we had an open bank account we would keep all of it. but we don't have an open bank account. so when something is added to our budget that is not needed, we are forced to take out something that matters. from force structure, readiness, modernization, for from the health of the all volunteer force. when we are forced to hold on to older, less capable systems, so others can pick one item or another that they favor, but we have to balance them all. and we have a responsibility to sequester. i want to say one word about that awful prospect up front. people ask are we planning for sequestration? the secretary of defense has said no, we are not. maybe later in the summer o.m.b. will have to request we look at it and determine what steps can be taken. i don't want to mislead you here. planning has a certain rational tone to it. but congress in writing the budget control act did not design sequester t
-- and the regulations by the united states. so, senator, i do believe is is pretty clear. i think anybody in our organization -- it is a common- sense thing, to me. and a moral thing to me that people understand with the expectation is. >> i thank you for that answer. i think -- i hope you'll take a fresh look to make sure you are drilling all of these values that are important to the secret service. that you have updated since cartagena. so, that the next time a secret service agents decides to think about doing something like they did, a light will go off in their heads and they will conclude the risk is too high. probably in the short run, the memory and the dishonor brought on the agency will be so fresh that hopefully this won't happen. but human nature being what it is over a period of time, we need to have rules and procedures and drilling those rules into personnel that goes on for a much longer period of time to re -- to re -- to a time that meant the as fresh. >> initially, it you did not have information about these women. initially, you did not know whether there were prostitutes, fo
in the united states of america and around the world have the opportunity to raise children and have a good life and can have a future. so i want to thank you, because you are a role model that just does it all. in fact, it's amazing to me that you have done it all. so congratulations. thank you again for marking this important month for all of us. schultz schultz it is -- schulz schulz it is hard to say enough good things about an incredible fighter, someone who has been a champion for the values that i know i was raised to believe in around my family dinner table growing up, the -- mr. speaker, we are going to use somiedish phrases and hebrew expressions, but the commitment to service and our commitment to fighting injustice is based in the notion of repairing the world. and so often we have mountains in front of us that seem so tough to climb and repairing the world can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. but working together to address a little bit of injustice, just a small bite at a time, but banding together to do it is something that the jewish community has stood for for many years an
in the united states represented. of course there are people from other traditions as well who are doing heroic work in the battle for religious freedom. we could expand the panel if we have more space and more time. one thinks of islamic figures for the back of fund for religious freedom t --eh beckett fund for religious for, members sikh fund. this is a cause that unites us across christian and judeo- christian lines but even more broadly. with that, let's have a little discussion appear on the panel and then, i understand, you will have the opportunity to send some questions up from the audience. if i could begin, i was struck by something that c shipor teleone said. catholics had to work toward a truly robust understanding of religious liberty that embraces the broader principles of democratic-republican government. my own sense of that and i would be curious to know your perspective is that part of it had to do with what the for raised"religious liberty" meant to a church whose hierarchy for a long time really was european. the experience of the french revolution really shaped the idea tha
to freedom, one from within. that is their debt and our debt. the world looks to the united states for an example. it is an example of a free people whose hard work and sacrifice make a vibrant economy. if unleashes world-class products. it is never content with status quo. i got an example growing up and working in my dad's bar. instead of the shining example of what does the world see, the president lost his rating for the first time in our history. the senate has not passed a budget in three years, and earlier, another unemployment report showing the greatest economy remained unable to create enough jobs for lasting economic growth. you should know i am an optimist. we do not have to except a new normal were the work place looks like a battlefield and families have to endure week job prospects and higher prices in their daily lives. we have every reason to believe we can come out of this more prosperous than ever. we can confront our challenges while we still have the ability to do so. for the solution to what ails our economy, it is not the government. it is the american people
freedom. the very time the bias president of china was meeting with the president of the united states. the ambassador for human rights and religious freedom could not even get a visa to go to china. of course, in china the barbaric practice of forced abortions that chen is shining a bright line on. it is simple -- systematic of abuses committed by the chinese government against their own people. the washington post reported that china continues its crackdown on people who are believed to have helped chen. several have subsequently been placed under house arrest. in light of the realities in the newly emerging accounts of how the wife was treated in the days following the escape, chinese officials detained her, threatened to be her to death. is hard to comprehend why the administration would accept at face value assurances he would be safe upon accepting u.s. protection. you wonder if there were other forces at work. prior to the arrivals of the secretary's clinton and a diner who were heading to beijing this week for high-level economic and foreign policies talk. was there a hint of c
just take the united states, 4% of the world's population, 20% or more the world economy, you have an interest in what is happening out there, whether it is from your own sense of ethics or whether it's from your economic or security self-interest if. so institutions like the world bank help address some of those problems and help not only improve the lives of people in those countries but can come back and help europe and the u.s. and japan and canada and others. >> we are talking to a converted audience in terms of international desire to link ourselves together and create a common good both in the developed world and developing world. now i'm open to question if you could raise your hand and identify yourself. don't be shy. it's always hard to get the first one out there. i have one over here. >> is this on? thanks so much for your comments. ken with interaction. you have had very broad experience internationally and within the u.s. government. i wonder if you could step back and reflect on, as an american, what single change or few changes in terms of our domestic politics you
with threats to the united states had changed with the drive reductions. i am worried we're just seeing a budget drill. i did not see the thread going down -- threat of going down. i think we should have the air alert locations. it looks to me like what they did was just hand you a bill and then had to make state local cuts to meet the targets. do you think the air force considered the state and local impact of getting rid of our bomb squads? i know governors all over the country use it when they need a bomb squad. i have seen that in my own state of vermont. do you think they thought of that, if it impacts the state's pretty badly? >> i will try to address the other question first. that threat is still there. i think that probably the discussion was according to studies you have reference that are classified, it could the nation assume a little additional risks by cutting two of the aca units. >> what i worry about is the discussion driven more by budgetary issues and not by reality. >> certainly, the budget comes into play. we have to talk about what we can afford to provide. are ther
in the united states. and with regards to our operation, we have been very successful in going after the leadership and those directly involved in trying to make those kinds of plans, and i think the fire but we continue to be successful with regards to these eats is anrus indication of the success we have hired. there is an organization, and the yemenis are dealing with them. i will say they do represent a threat in yemen, and the yemenis are pursuing that entrain to make efforts to reduce their influence as well, but they are a threat. i do not think anyone underestimates that all of them represent a concern, but i do believe we are making progress at going after those specific targets of represent real threats to the united states. >> you talk about it just now times a try. but i want to make sure i did not misunderstand you. -- you are talking about it as a tribe. >> that is correct. >> how is the current situation in syria. two suicide bombings took place in damascus. you have any indication if hawkeye the region i-- if al qaeda could be involved. >> the situation in syria who r
and his dedication to the air force and to the united states of america. >> thanks, mr.secretary. >> good afternoon, everyone. on this day in 1775, a small force of green mountain boys led by ethan allen and benedict arnold successfully attacked the british garrison at fort ticonderoga, new york. at the same time, the second continental congress was assembled in philadelphia. their task was daunting: field and fund an army for a war that was already under way. as we sit here today, the 112th congress has its own daunting task: debate and decide on a defense budget with a war under way and with increasingly complex security challenges ahead. i appreciate the difficulty of the decisions they face. secretary panetta and i face them as well, and so do the service chiefs and the combatant commanders. we came together to prepare and submit a budget that we firmly believe is a responsible investment in america's security. now we stand ready and willing to work with congress to make sure our armed forces have what they need and no more than what we need to keep america immune from coercion. this
2011 country reports on human rights practices. these reports, which the united states government has published for nearly four decades, make clear to governments around the world -- we are watching and we are holding you accountable. and they make clear to citizens and activists everywhere -- you are not alone. we are standing with you. mike and his team and the staff at our embassies and consulates around the world have worked tirelessly to produce these reports. and i want to thank each and every person who has contributed to them. now, as you know, this has been an especially tumultuous and momentous year for everyone involved in the cause of human rights. many of the events that have dominated recent headlines from the revolutions in the middle east to reforms in burma began with human rights, with the clear call of men and women demanding their universal rights. today in egypt, we are seeing in real time that those demands are making a difference as egyptians are going to the polls to determine for the first time in their history who their leaders will be. whatever the outcome
an asteroid than the epa of the united states. the space-adventure program hopes to have a private-sector opportunity to circle the moon by 2015. as many of you know, there is a low earth orbit project under way. next week, nasa is building on something george w. bush started and obama expanded on. they will launch a private sector rocket in an effort to broaden our capacity. this is not frivolous. it is the fundamental question about whether we are a country that dreams and has the courage to say to young people, yes there is a wonderful pitched -- future doing really important things. i happen to think there is a better future than methamphetamine and cocaine. i will argue for an american future of doing things that matter. we also need to have new models of an effective, affordable life-it project lifetime learning. we have to replace the 130-year- old civil service model with modern management systems. this is a big issue that is fundamental to the united states. we have been obsolete system that is impossible to make work effectively. the forces that support it will fight ever
is the single most important economic issue facing the united states and we will not achieve any other objective whether it is sustained fiscal health, the ability to combat poverty, the ability to be strong in the world if we do not achieve that. and therefore, maintaining the momentum and expanding the momentum of demand has to figure valley in any economic policy discussion going forward and has to have a very large affect on anythinging about timing and phasing in any set of reforms with respect to the tax system or with respect to entitlements. but that's not our primary subject today. to take your core objectives, as marty points out, you can't rank them but you can give some indications of their importance. and i would agree with marty on the central importance of revenue raising. the director of the c.b.o. gave a very effective presentation at harvard a month or two ago on the long-term fiscal situation in which after going through a lot of stuff, he reduced it to the following statement. that in order to get to a stable debt-to-g.d.p. ratio, not a balanced budget, but the modest goal of
and women in uniform. but i think it's time the question be asked to the president of the united states, mr. president, where is your plan to protect our men and women in uniform? where is your plan to continue the great protection of this country? and so my colleague from new york, my colleague from virginia comes and speaks about the great risks and challenges that we face, everybody recognizes that we have to address our debt and deficit situation. it reminds me of a time when zell miller, senator from georgia, asked the question, what are we going to do? are we going to provide the ammunition for our men and women in uniform with spit balls? or are we going to do what is right and provide them with the ability to defend themselves. with that, the gentleman from new york, i yield back and thank again our colleague from alabama for her leadership on this very important issue. >> i appreciate the gentleman from colorado coming and offering his comments on this important issue and just briefly before i yield, i am reminded from the gentleman's comments when he references leadership and the
asked was interesting. what advice can i give students that the united states -- give student? of the united states has ceased to exist as the organizational core of how people move. the fundamental question of a black citizenship, it does not seem to be a black citizenship. the question of class but surely the question of race. my advice to students is very similar to the vice houston gave his students. you have to understand where you are. his thing was social class has to be linked to a right to a job, the right to a living standard. that challenges the fundamental principles. this is the type of education that takes place at acu behind got the back. once you take the united states of america as organizational principle, the conversation gets diluted before it can get concentrated. we have to take this very seriously. i know we do that at howard university. what we will come back to after i pose a question to in nolan rollins. nolan is one of 97 distinguished, well educated, a smart and passionate men and women who lead urban affiliate's across the nation. areaffiliate's le
, they are still asking the united states that when will you be with us? and finally, as far as pakistan is concerned, journalists and extrajudicial killings and women and girls are under attack in pakistan. >> on china, i would say this, there are a theres a long agenda, a big agenda on human rights. we deal with it in different ways. last month, harold koh, the legal advisor here, and i participated in a legal experts discussion where we discussed a range of issues, including the independence of the courts, independence of lawyers, detention issues, and the like. we were part of i was part of the strategic and economic dialogue, and this summer we will have a human rights dialogue where we raise these issues. so these issues come up in many different contexts with me and with other u.s. government officials. were very mindful of the situation of religious minorities the tibetans. were very concerned about the self-immolations. were concerned about the situation of the uighurs in xinjiang and elsewhere. we are going to raise these issues as well as the individual cases, some of which
revenues come from outside the united states? >> we do not split it up. it is really healthy. >> univision is attracting domestic hispanic audiences with english language content. >> exactly. >> can you give us more textured? you have a lot of reinforcements. >> said this is a very exciting and venture. -- this is a really exciting venture. this is a service that is built for the fastest growing in yen is democratic in the united states. we are building its with univision. it is an absolutely amazing media partner. we will go mobile with the election. you will see the launch next year. >> what does univision bring? >> they bring a deep and embedded knowledge of the audience. they bring tremendous information to our company and to the news division. i believe they will be great partners in the creation of relevant importance. >> you started this by mentioning the morning america. the today show has dominated that top place for a long time. how important is that to your business? >> it is really important. this is bigger than eight labor of love. it is a terrific show. it belongs in the numb
god bless our troops and may god bless the united states of america. >> a british committee released a report on phone hacking inside news of the world and news international. that is next. and a bloomberg summit on the state of the u.s. economy and federal spending. >> between 1971 and 1973, president richard nixon recorded 4000 hours of phone calls and meetings. >> always agree on the little things and you hold on the big one. i have done this so often with conversations, i will concede that and make them feel better but do not give them the big one. >> every sunday, hear more of that nixon tapes. this weeks, hear conversations with gerald ford, ronald reagan, and george h. w. bush. listen on xm 119 and at >> the culture committee a command sports committee released its report on the phone hacking investigation. members found some senior executives at the now defunct " news of the world" and "news international" misled parliament. this is a little more than an hour. >> i hope that you have by now had a time to read the committee's report. i intend to give a brief su
. this is a service that is built for the fastest growing in yen is democratic in the united states. we are building its with univision. it is an absolutely amazing media partner. we will go mobile with the election. you will see the launch next year. >> what does univision bring? >> they bring a deep and embedded knowledge of the audience. they bring tremendous information to our company and to the news division. i believe they will be great partners in the creation of relevant importance. >> you started this by mentioning the morning america. the today show has dominated that top place for a long time. how important is that to your business? >> it is really important. this is bigger than eight labor of love. it is a terrific show. it belongs in the number one spot. i've long believed that good morning america and opens the day for the television network. i think they have earned that spot. >> can you talk a little bit about the economics of the show? it is important symbolically and economically. >> it is. there are very help the budget for morning television. we certainly have enjoyed the benefic
to allow exiting that market to allocate credit around the united states, a trading this uncertainty on what the fed will do next. does this help heal the financial crisis tax or the helpful during it? yes. to sets congress's role the fiscal policy and trade the business climate is a recovery can occur. >> if the fed had been constrained because they did not have the dual mandate it is in the recovery. would it be what we are experiencing now? they were able to keep it a look at inflation, they would have been raising interest rates. the lord i2009 they were constrn inflation, then they would not have been lowering the race. having the still mandate, most are arguing that it gave them the flexibility to act quickly to the marketplace. >> i like to respond. >> i want to talk about the comment about the fed's role in inflating things during the greenspan to years. i 3 by keeping interest rates but by explicitly agreed using to follow the mandate. many of us did believe that loans were being made imprudently to people who cannot pay them back. i think this would have been a mistake to i
the united states navy mandatory reen corps will need going forward as we face increasing competition and technologies and trying to thwart our ability to operate from the sea. so that future balance investment has to be weighed against maintaining the current readiness of the force and what we operate at. what you saw in our budge set we reduced forestruck which you were and took away assets and looked at accounts and made critical investments preserving research and development and reduce procurement or delayed them to outside to fitup for affordablibility. to preserve the force. the investments eeh we made today were to discuss stain the current maintenance, so the risk for us is comes down to capabilities. can we face rising competitors. capacity, do we have the forces to flow within an acceptable level of risk and how it effects is response times and what our levels are in the fleet but we think in this budget we try achieve that balance with an acceptable level of risk. >> and i'll just add, senator, that these remain challenging times, and we're faced with a variety of issues,
information we got from asourcing or inside the united states or outside the united states. let me start by saying we do not investigate individuals or groups solely on the basis of ethnicity or race. there may be occasions where we know a particular entity, it can be a gang a. terrorist group, it can be organized crime, preys on certain groups in communities, and in those situation where is there may be strings or what have you, the data in terms of those communities may bear on that intelligence analysis. >> domain management is that directed towards? >> pardon. >> is domain management program is that directed towards certain communities? >> no. it's the threats. mortgage fraud in the community of los angeles, where is the mortgage fraud? domain management means look at your particular division or district and identify the threats and the existence of those threats and how you're going to address that threat. that's domain management. that's identifying the threats and how you go -- have to allocate the resources to address the threats. >> what is mapping? >> the gentlewoman's time has
the conversation in the united states about what the right goal is. it should be part of the national dialogue. this should be about fiscal policy and about central banking. the election to be important. >> the lot with that. -- good luck with that one/ . >> thank you very much. we appreciate your participation. we're going to ask you to make way. we are going to head in and talk about another profound issue. the fiscal cliff, revenues and debt. this discussion is going to be led by my colleague, and the team leader for congress at bloomberg news. theirnelists are taking seats. gene dodaro, the competition -- comptroller of the united states. he heads the u.s. government accountability office. we appreciate him being here. alice is a senior member. she also ran cbo. many hats. we have chris van hollen, a houseg democrat on the committee. is also a member of the super committee and involved in the spending issues on capitol hill. credit for being here. -- thank you for being here. >> we have to talk faster we can try to get there all of it. >> on december 31, a tax cut expire as as the payroll
of you could win an academy award sunday. the girl behind you could be the future president of the united states, or even better than that, mayor of new york city. the guys sitting to your right could be a future of the nobel laureate. >> memorial day weekend, what commitments -- watch commencement speeches. saturday through tuesday at noon at 10:00 -- noon and 10:00 eastern. >> here is a look at some of what we are covering this morning. the head of the secret service will testify about the firing of agents following contact with prostitutes at a hotel in colombia. live coverage at 10:30 eastern. the senate will continue debate on food and drug administration user fees. the gavel in at 9:30 eastern on c-span 2. c-span3, secretary of state hillary clinton and leon panetta will testify about a u.n. treaty that would establish rules for military, transportation, and mineral extraction purposes. the so-called lot of the sea treaty. live coverage from the senate foreign relations committee starts at 10:00 eastern. starts at 10:00 eastern.
in the estimates of strategy and undermining of the national security of the united states? >> i do not. >> do you see in a 2012 strategy undermining of the security of the northern border? >> i do not. >> the seven border? >> no, ma'am. >> let me indicate that i have, i think i have been somewhat affiliated with the border patrol, customs and border protection, for the entire time of my career in congress, first of the judiciary committee and then subsequently as: security committee was designed -- homeland security committee was designed and as it was merged and became under that umbrella. i remember after 2000 we worked very hard to secure night goggles, laptop computers, vehicles, and other necessities that we thought were imperative for the intense work on the border of capturing those entering illegally. do you dig you have enough of those resources now, and are you able to maximize the resources to deal with the present conditions of the southern border in particular? >> to your first point, we probably don't have enough of your resources, and to the second point, i don't think we are maxim
kept secret in the united states. to talk to any woman from most -- for the most part, they were touched by an organization and have a positive opportunity. but we do not tell our story. part of that is telling the story so more girls will join. they cannot buy something they cannot see. that is why we are out there. yep probably seen in the last six months more stories about girl scouts than ever. talking about the great work they're doing changing lives. for us, it is about sharing that external story so that people will invest in paroles and advocate for them and sponsor them. -- invest in girls and advocate for them and sponsor them. >> economic imperative. i used to work for the sba. i think you about economy and where jobs are being generated. there is a need -- they are going to need skilled employees. from a business perspective, you have to invest in growth to get them on that path. if we sit back and say let's do two or three generations of gross, will pass a whole opportunity that these girls will give back to the community and country. it makes sense for government to
of the united states or the mayor of new york city. the guy sitting to your right to be a future nobel laureate. >> of memorial day weekend, what commencement speeches on c-span -- memorial day weekend, watch commencement speeches on c-span. saturday through tuesday at noon incident got p.m. eastern. -- through 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> gary gensler and mary schapiro questions on jpmorgan chase's recent losses. they testified about derivatives and financial regulations. the chairman is tim johnson of south dakota. this is two hours. >> i will call this hearing to order. today we will review the progress being made to reduce systemic risk and improve oversight in the derivatives market. before we get to the main subject, i want to make a few comments about the recent news made by jpmorgan chase. the massive trading losses is a reminder of the financial crisis of 2008. since the conference call, our staff and members have held briefings with the company itself. following this briefing, i callnced that i intend to jpmorgan's ceo to testify before the committee. june 6 supervision durina hear, said th
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